The OGAE Second Chance contest is back! To listen to all participant entries, whatch the video below. May the best song win! 


[vimeo 65670514 w=500&h=280]


01. Flag of Norway NORWAY: Adelen – “Bombo”
02. Flag of Greece GREECE: Alex Leon feat. Georgina – “Angel”
03. Flag of Iceland ICELAND:  Svavar Knútur og Hreindís Ylva – “Lífið snýst”
04. Flag of Belgium BELGIUM: Roberto Belarrosa – “Reste toi” 
05. Flag of Finland FINLAND: Mikael Saari – “We should be through”
06. Flag of Spain SPAIN: El Sueño de Morfeo – “Atrévete” 
07. Flag of Germany GERMANY: Blitzkids MVT – “Hearts on the line”
08. Flag of Lithuania LITHUANIA: Gabrielius Vagelis – “Sacrifise”
09. Flag of Sweden SWEDEN: Yohio – “Heartbreak hotel” 
10. Flag of Serbia SERBIA:  Dusan Svilar – “Spas”
11. Flag of Italy ITALY: Malika Ayane – “E se poi”
12. Flag of Hungary HUNGARY: Gigi Radics – “Ugy faj” 
13. Flag of Israel ISRAEL: Asi Tal – “Toda la noche”
14. Flag of Ireland IRELAND: Aimee Fitzpatrick – “Crashing down” 
15. Flag of Austria AUSTRIA: Yela – “Feels like  home”



After receiving all the votes in time, we can say that we have a winner! If you want to know wich OGAE club will have the honour to organize next year´s edition, watch the link below! Congratulations to the winner!  


[vimeo 75817780 w=500&h=280]